Engine Repairs

Engine Repairs is something we're very good at!  We can carry out most repairs on Engines, including Head Skimming, Seat replacement, Broken stud removal and Crack Testing to name but a few.


We can carry out Skimming on Cylinder Heads, Flywheels, Brake Discs and Drums and Manifolds and many other items.

Valve Grinding & Lapping

We can Grind valves and seats and we can even make new seats for those that you can no longer purchase.

Crack Testing

We also have the ability to test your cylinder heads for possible cracks with our new Vacuum Bed.

Shafts & Pins

We make a massive variety of Shafts and Pins with Keyways or Holes - these can be made to customer requirements using any material you wish.  Please contact us for more information.



Send us an Email...

To get a free quote or discuss your requirements, send us an email: sales@dandcengineering.co.uk.